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SmartWater is a project to set up an extensive system for monitoring water quality in the Brussels-Capital Region. As part of this project, Atelier cartographique has created a web application for conducting citizen observation campaigns on the many dimensions of water quality in Brussels. The observation campaigns are carried out by hybrid groups made up of residents, users, public managers and associations around specific places where there is a body of water (ponds, streams, rivers, canals, etc.).

These citizen observation campaigns are an invitation to take collective care phylactère of the water that surrounds us. As part of the Smartwater project, the involvement of these groups is essential in assessing the relevance and necessity of incorporating one or other observation form into a campaign. These groups are therefore involved in creating the forms, which are structured as multiple-choice questionnaires to make it easier to process the information. At the end of a campaign, they remain involved in analysing and displaying the data collected.

Partners : Bruxelles Environnement, EGEB, Port de Bruxelles, Jeunes et Nature, Polyclinique de la culture, Pool is cool, Coordination Senne, asbl Tournesol, BASS-ULB, VUB
Funding : Innoviris (experimental platform)
Timeframe : 2021-2024
Technologies : single page application
Gestion du projet : BASS-ULB :