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Urban Plans and Projects monitoring platform

We developed and deployed an Urban Plans and Projects monitoring platform for ligne du temps It ensures the implementation of a cross-functional information system common to all the administration's departments, while addressing the various needs by creating dedicated applications.

Plans & Projects

The plans and projects application lets you encode and view projects as well as the timeline of the various encodings. For this application, the notion of scale is very important. There is the scale specific to the project, the scale of the Region, which allows us to take a step back and consider the project in its urban environment, and the scale of the information unit, which is the encoding scale. Multiple information units can be encoded. Each project is associated with an image, a full name, structured information and a geographical reference. The name alone is essential for a project to exist.

Terms & Domains

This application is used to create and define the Terms and Domains used in the Plans & Projects application. This application is very text-based and technically very simple: it involves describing and defining a thesaurus for qualifying urban plans and projects. 1 As the concepts involved are changing and evolving, this application gives operators the freedom to develop the semantics underlying their information system. This freedom comes with the responsibility of structuring and defining terms collectively, to gradually consolidate a common language.


The query application can be used to filter and extract projects encoded in the Plans & Projects application, so that they can be consulted in listing form, exported for use in a spreadsheet, or used to create dynamic maps. télécharger les données To do this, the application offers a query creation wizard that enables users who are not familiar with SQL to extract data on a more semantic basis. 1 Once the query has been built, it is then possible to choose which information will be included in the result of the query. A query can be saved for personal use, or shared with other users of the application. Query results are dynamic, which means that they are updated according to what is entered in the Plans & Projets application, whether in the form of a table or a map.

Client : Perspective Brussels
Partners : Champs-Libres, urbAgora
Timeframe : Since 2019
Technologies : Typescript, React, python, Django, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, LESS-CSS, HTML5. The plateform complies to WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards.
Data sources : Some of the data are published on