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Carte de Brugelette

terre-cultivee The map of Brugelette is a printed map produced from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, which was updated as part of a participatory participatory process. banc The 'Opération de Développement rural'(Rural development operation) from Brugelette came with the map publishing project. It is one of the concrete outcomes of the project "Déplacements au fil de la Dendre"(Moving along the Dendre river). bus Its production is the result of a collaborative effort: initiated by the Commission locale de Développement rural (CLDR), financed by the Commune coordinated by the Fondation Rurale de Wallonie, completed by the citizens prairie (CLDR, CCATM, Maison des Jeunes, Accueil extrascolaire, etc.), and published by Champs libres in partnership with Spec uloos and Atelier Cartographique.
Client : Commune de Brugelette
Partners : Champs-Libres, Spec uloos
Timeframe : 2019
Technologies : Carto CSS, Mapnick, Inkscape, Indesign
Data sources : OSM