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We are based in Brussels, Belgium.

Atelier cartographique SC
Rue van Elewyckstraat 47, 1050 Brussels
t. +32 485 467 087
IBAN : BE42 5230 8126 4554
TVA : BE 0762.712.780

with Spec uloos

The people who make the atelier

From left to right: Marine Declève, Pierre Huyghebaert, Pacôme Béru, Nina Willems, Sophie Boiron, Pierre Marchand, Julie Vanderhaeghen.

Pacôme Béru has a cross-disciplinary role at AC, including interfaces design and coordination. At the same time, he teaches subjective cartography at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Trained as a visual artist, he has honed his skills in a wide range of areas including scientific drawing, coordinating artistic research residencies, and active participation in the self-management of the community life in temporary housing projects in Brussels.

Sophie Boiron is a graphic designer, typographer and cartographer. Trained as a painter and photographer (visual and spatial arts) and then in cultural management, she has been co-managing the Spec uloos studio for over 10 years, and has been a member of the Atelier cartographique since its inception. She specialises in cartography and typography, with a particular expertise in project management and responding to complex technical situations. Sophie specialises in GIS and, more specifically, QGIS software. She has a good knowledge of the Brussels context and its players as regards cartographic aspects.

Marine Declève is an urbanist and art historian, PhD and researcher at UGent (S:PAM). She is the author and co-author of maps, articles and books, including "L'œuvre artisanale dans l'espace urbain. Atlas bruxellois de la communalité", "La ville en communs. Récits d'urbanisme" and "Cartographier l'environnement social d'un projet urbain". Her work explores the chiaroscuro of maps, craft practices and vernacular dynamics of cities and territories.

Pierre Huyghebaert teaches typography at La Cambre, co-directs the graphic design studio Spec uloos and extends his practices with two collectives. AC and the, which carries out graphic and typographic research that mixes software as cultural objects before being technical.

Pierre Marchand is a software writer and researcher at TUDelft and UGent (S:section). UGent (S:PAM). In particular, he was co-developer of the packages Scribus, Fontmatrix, Waend and Cartostation. Trained as a visual artist and forestry technician, he is an architect-programmer for projects linked to digital data, its representation and the dignity of code. His research focuses on a form of speculative programming that activates the dynamics of questioning both the tools and their historical and cultural dimensions, exploring the processes involved in shaping a digital sensibility.

Julie Vanderhaeghen is a geographer, illustrator and researcher at UGent (S:PAM). She combines writing and drawing in projects involving situated maps and analyses of territory, experimenting with technological tools. Her research on data visualisation also includes a feminist approach. As part of the Topological Atlas project, to which she contributed for two years, she worked on questions of mapping languages and the relationship between maps and texts.

Nina Willems is a developer. Teacher and mathematician by training, she is developing her software writing skills at AC and is actively involved in making AC a place for interdisciplinary learning and emancipation. She is active in a diverse network of Brussels collectives.