APERe - Bruxelles Environnement • Leefmilieu Brussel


The mission has two components: The creation of a detailed cadastre of the annual solar energy potential per rooftop for the whole the Brussels-Capital Region, and the design and implementation of a cartographic platform providing detailled informations per adress for the general public.

Solar cadastre

These data are generated on the basis of 3D data from the region (UrbIS-3D), meteorological data (TMY), and a statistical analysis of obstacles to the installation of signs by building type carried out on this occasion. The shading of the surrounding buildings is also taken into account in the calculation of each of the region's one million+ roof sections.

Cartographic platform

This application - based on the data produced - provides detailed, adjustable and economically relevant information per cadastral parcel. A yield calculator allows this balance to be refined according to the installation envisaged and the user's consumption profile.

Particular attention has been paid to interface design, in order to integrate all APERe's scientific knowledge and data into an efficient and communicative tool.

This application is fully integrated into the SDI Geodata of Buxelles-Environnement.

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Typescript, React, python, PostGIS, LESS-CSS, HTML5


APERe (BE), Champs Libres (BE) et MeteoTest (CH)