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Tentacular Thinking in Storied Places

By Christel Stalpaert, Arkadi Zaides, Michel Lussault, Philippe Rekacewicz, Igor Dobricic, Atelier cartographique.

Article published in January 2022 in the journal GPS (Global Performance Studies)

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de-SIG-n: from the geographic information system to the knowledge community

This article is a transcript of the presentation given by Atelier cartographique on 17-11-2022 at FOSS4G. It discusses how AC sees design as a project discipline dedicated to the conception of utilitarian objects such as maps, plans and GIS. The projects carried out by AC are places for experimentation and collective and collective thinking that are nourished by multiform social moments. These social moments are most often workshops that make it possible to collectively define the uses of the tools created by AC.

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Time for the commons in Brussels

Published in December 2015 in the magazine Bruxelles en Mouvement

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